Lilian Jarvis has had many articles published about her technique and her career throughout the years. Here is a sampling of articles.

Family Practice Articles

Family Practice 1994

December 1994

Stress in Walking
November 1994

The Effects of Muscular Tension on the Psyche
October 1994

Exercise or Conditioning?
September 1994

June 1994

Head Placement
May 1994

Annex Gleaner, 1997

Standing Straight
April 1994

Breathing and Use of the Ribcage
March 1994

Structural Stress
December 1993

The 20-Minute Relaxation
December 1993

What is Bodywork?
December 1993

Fitness First
September 1993

Toronto Star, 1985

Tension Releasing Stretches
September 1993

Should Your Child Take Ballet Lessons?
April 1993








Pelvic Tilt, Family Practice, 1994

Pelvic Tilt, Family Practice, 1994