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How Not To Break Your Back

  An email came into my inbox not long ago from a person I didn’t know. As I was about to delete it, my eyes caught the words, “Mike Tyson” and “I broke my back.” That got me. I didn’t know Mike Tyson, not being a boxing fan (you see, I’ve now looked him up), […]

My Rant About Swaybacked Posture

I am taking a page from Diane Bruni’s rant about glutes that she did last June 18th and doing a rant of my own today. It’s about swaybacked posture and it’s been building steam in me for a very long time, 35 years, in fact. Back in 1985, you might as well have been talking […]

Doing exercise versus using exercise

Do you do exercise or do you use exercise? And what’s the difference? Quite a lot, actually. What’s done mostly as exercise is the “doing” kind, and that applies to anything where you’re using your whole body, like running or sports of any kind. Even walking, tai chi and, in many cases, yoga are a […]

Are you fit somatically?

This article, written in 1985, is discussing fitness from a biomechanical and structural viewpoint as opposed to an aerobic fitness perspective. The potential for the ideal body condition depends, of course, on a number of factors: your innate body make-up; existing physical condition and age; the desire, or will, to improve one’s condition and sufficient […]

Strengthening the Rhomboids

This is the first of a series of articles I’m planning to write about exercises I come across on the ‘net and which I’d like to give my own versions for. I’m calling the series, “How to do exercises the Somatic Stretch way.” I’d love your feedback. This morning I was watching a video about […]

First Post <~click to see more

June 28, 2012 For my first blog, I’d like to introduce you to the instructors who trained at my Toronto Studio. Here they are with me at my 80th birthday gathering …. From left to right: Susan Eisenkraft, Me, Betty Liuson, Suzanne Jaeger and Louise Nimigon ….(missing are Christa Terry, a physiotherapist who now practices her […]


Lilian Jarvis Family Practice December 1994   Last month’s column pointed out the necessity of correct leg and foot alignment to prevent stress on ankles and knees. With jogging and sports, which increase vertical impact to these joints, proper alignment is even more important if strain or injury is to be avoided. I mentioned that […]

Stress In Walking

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice November 1994   A 1988 survey by the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, reported in The Toronto Star (May, 1991), indicated that walking is the main activity for 63 percent of Canadians who are physically active. In the article, Julie Twynham, walking and aerobic coordinator for the Fitness Institute, said […]

The Effects of Muscular Tension on the Psyche

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice October 1994   The damaging effect that muscular tension has on muscles, joints and physiological functioning has already been much discussed in these columns. But the impact of muscular tension on the psyche is no less profound. Dr. Alexander Lowen, an American psychiatrist and the creator of bioenergetics – a method […]

Exercise or Conditioning?

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice September 1994   It would be helpful if a consensus could be reached amongst professional fitness instructors as to how to do exercises correctly. As it is, the advice given in workout classes and magazines is often conflicting, and the non-professional can scarcely be blamed for not knowing which to follow […]