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Lilian Jarvis Family Practice June 1994 Flexibility is an important part of fitness. But just how flexible do you need to be and what is the best way to work at it? The answer to the first part of the question depends largely on your activity requirements. For example, dancers and gymnasts need to develop […]

Head Placement

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice May 1994   A recent article on body language in the Financial Post states “posture is one of the most neglected power tools. And where your head sits has a lot to do with posture and the power that it can impart.” The article goes on to say, “keep your chin […]

Standing Straight

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice April 1994   “Chest out, shoulders back, chin up!” for long the military mandate for standing at attention, is still regarded by many as the correct procedure for standing straight. Other regimens have the chest out but the chin tucked in, a posture of rigid unnatu­ralness if ever there was one. […]

Breathing and Use of the Rib cage

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice March 1994   Beginning with birth and in many instances throughout life, breathing deeply is an imperative. It is essential in physical exertion of any kind and it is, as well, a means of releasing tension and quelling nervousness or fear. But while this natural process is available to all, many […]

Pelvic Tilt can relieve Lower Back Pain

Family Practice, February 21, 1994. Any book on back care that has been written in the past dozen or so years almost certainly includes the pelvic tilt in its list of ways to alleviate back pain. Though it’s scarcely a panacea, for the thousands of back pain sufferers, it’s been a blessing indeed. We would do […]

What is Bodywork?

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice December 1993   In a previous article, a distinction was made between cardiovascular fitness, which results from activities, and “fit”-ness, which is a condition in which the body is ready for activities. It was also pointed out that “bodywork” is the way to get into proper working condition and that it […]

The 20-Minute Relaxation

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice December 1993   As the counterbalance to activity, rest is as much a bodily need as food or water, and the ability to be fully rested is something everyone wants and needs, doctors no exception. But getting truly rested is not a matter of just ceasing activity and becoming immobile. If […]

Structural Stress

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice December 1993   Much has been written about the effects of stress on the body, including the joy of it, but there is one source of stress that would appear so far to have been, if not overlooked, at least largely ignored, and that is structural stress. This is a condition […]

Tension Releasing Stretches

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice September 1993   Although stress resulting from the complications of life was referred to as far back as 100-200 B.C. in The Yellow Emperor,the oldest extant major Chinese medical text, the complications of to-day’s life are surely without parallel. Especially for doctors and other health professionals whose time, energy and commitment […]

Fitness First

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice September 1993   “Fit”-ness First After some 15 years of impregnating the public consciousness with the health merits of fitness (or, instilling in the minds of the public the health merits of fitness), the once-revered cry to “Participaction!” now falls more and more on deaf ears. The waning enthusiasm for aerobic […]

Should Your Child Take Ballet Lessons?

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice April 1993   Children begin ballet for a variety of reasons, often because a parent feels it will develop grace or better posture, or it could be that, because of some genetic weakness, injury or illness, the doctor has recommended lessons as remedial exercise. Without a doubt, ballet does serve well […]