See larger graphic below If you’re one of the millions of individuals who suffer from low back pain – and if that doesn’t apply to you now there’s a high probability that one day it will – this article is for you. The simple truth is, whether in men or in women, swayback, in my […]

Any book on back care that has been written in the past dozen or so years almost certainly includes the pelvic tilt in its list of ways to alleviate back pain. Though it’s scarcely a panacea, for the thousands of back pain sufferers it’s been a blessing indeed. So what more is there to say […]

  Posture is a topic I’ve been deeply involved with since 1980 when I started teaching my program, Somatic Stretch®, with its ultimate goal of “proper posture.” Everything I taught then, under its original name of BioSomatics, I still teach to this day, and all of it came from working on, and changing, my own […]

A lot has been written lately about stretching, whether you should or shouldn’t do it and what kind of stretching is best. My own viewpoint is that stretching is essential if you want to improve your posture – and thereby your health. It loosens the connections of your body parts so you’re able to move […]

As with my previous blog about two men who had injured their backs, I was prompted to write this article by coming across another instance of back pain on the ‘net. This time, it was a woman who had been sitting at a meeting and asked if she could lie on the floor because her […]