An email came into my inbox not long ago from a person I didn’t know. As I was about to delete it, my eyes caught the words, “Mike Tyson” and “I broke my back.” That got me. I didn’t know Mike Tyson, not being a boxing fan (you see, I’ve now looked him up), […]

Not having read the above article in full before writing my response to Diane Bruni’s post a few days ago, I’m now adding part two to it. And if you’re wondering about the photo, it isn’t a mistake. My original impression about Diane’s post was that it was looking for ways to connect with the […]

I am taking a page from Diane Bruni’s rant about glutes that she did last June 18th and doing a rant of my own today. It’s about swaybacked posture and it’s been building steam in me for a very long time, 35 years, in fact. Back in 1985, you might as well have been talking […]

Do you do exercise or do you use exercise? And what’s the difference? Quite a lot, actually. What’s done mostly as exercise is the “doing” kind, and that applies to anything where you’re using your whole body, like running or sports of any kind. Even walking, tai chi and, in many cases, yoga are a […]

This article, written in 1985, is discussing fitness from a biomechanical and structural viewpoint as opposed to an aerobic fitness perspective. The potential for the ideal body condition depends, of course, on a number of factors: your innate body make-up; existing physical condition and age; the desire, or will, to improve one’s condition and sufficient […]