Lilian Jarvis Family Practice December 1993   Much has been written about the effects of stress on the body, including the joy of it, but there is one source of stress that would appear so far to have been, if not overlooked, at least largely ignored, and that is structural stress. This is a condition […]

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice September 1993   Although stress resulting from the complications of life was referred to as far back as 100-200 B.C. in The Yellow Emperor,the oldest extant major Chinese medical text, the complications of to-day’s life are surely without parallel. Especially for doctors and other health professionals whose time, energy and commitment […]

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice September 1993   “Fit”-ness First After some 15 years of impregnating the public consciousness with the health merits of fitness (or, instilling in the minds of the public the health merits of fitness), the once-revered cry to “Participaction!” now falls more and more on deaf ears. The waning enthusiasm for aerobic […]

Lilian Jarvis Family Practice April 1993   Children begin ballet for a variety of reasons, often because a parent feels it will develop grace or better posture, or it could be that, because of some genetic weakness, injury or illness, the doctor has recommended lessons as remedial exercise. Without a doubt, ballet does serve well […]

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