If you’re reading this, you’re someone who knows it makes a difference to feel good in your body and that wellness is a path in life to be pursued!

Somatic Stretch is a family run business that arises from a lineage of Finnish healers and has been brought to fruition by Lilian Jarvis, former principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada.

Mer_OneHR2Her daughter, Meredith, was trained in Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Eastern Diagnostics and both oversee the International Training Program, designed for those who want to deepen their own health as well as for those who want to teach.

The Somatic Stretch method compliments all other techniques and practices, or is a full conditioning method on its own.

The primary difference between this and other techniques is our approach to the Stretch Reflex, and in this complimentary series, you can find out why this is and how to use it to accelerate your own wellness.

To encourage you on this journey that has done so much in our own lives, we bring you a complimentary series of short videos and other valuable tools to revitalise you at home or office.

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  • a 30-minute video by Lilian to prep you for the day, or for Yoga or Meditation practice
  • A beautiful, illustrated workbook of office or home exercises you can do from a chair
  • a 30-minute, downloadable video by Meredith to keep the flow going
  • Discounts on other products as well as timely encouragement to keep you stretching!

We know today there is a vast Wellness movement borne of those pursuing a life of vitality. This free video series is part of our lifelong contribution to this community. By empowering ourselves, we can change the world!

Please enjoy and share with friends!