My mission is to share my understanding of the structural and mechanical conditions that prepare our human bodies for proper daily use in both active and sedentary lifestyles, so that all who wish to experience ease of movement, minimize injuries  and enjoy comfortable, pleasurable, bodily living have an established self-help guideline to follow.

What is Fitness?

We use the word “fit” to describe something that is in a suitable condition for use. We say, for example, “This food is fit for a king,” or, “The car isn’t fit to drive.” Being fit, therefore, is a precondition, a condition of readiness that minimizes potential problems and allows for safe, long term, enjoyable use. Just as every part of a machine must be in good working condition in order for the machine as a whole to function well, so must every part of our bodies be in the best possible condition for our whole body to work well.

Somatic Stretch® views fitness, therefore, not as a condition that results from activities, as it’s commonly understood, but as a condition that prepares the body for activities. This includes any and all uses of the body, from everyday activities like walking and sitting to sports and artistic performances.

The conditions that make the body fit to use, that minimize injuries, promote healing, and that keep the body mobile and feeling young into the later years of life are:

  • release of tension
  • flexibility of muscles and joints
  • postural alignment
  • internal strength for weight support

When these conditions are met, posture inevitably improves, bringing with it a multitude of benefits: aches and pains are relieved, strains and injuries happen less frequently, bodily movements become freer and easier, health is more stable, lessening the need for doctors and other healthcare practitioners, and energy and vitality increase, in all, adding up to a heightened sense of wellbeing that reflects positively on the emotions and spirit.

All exercises in Somatic Stretch, help make the body “fit to use.”

A fit body is free of tension;

its muscles are flexible and strong, 

its joints fully mobile;

it stands straight and its weight is easily supported

to withstand the constant pull of gravity;

it is characterized

by an increase of life energy

that imbues the body with an enduring sense

of wellbeing.