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The three sample exercises shown here are taken from Lilian Jarvis’ book,
The Stress Releaser Stretchloth®. The layout varies somewhat from the
print edition, but the information presented here remains the same.


Exercise 18: Full Spine and Back Stretch

This exercise, like Exercise 1, stretches your neck, spine, and upper back, but here your lower back gets stretched as well.You’ll feel a great pull through your whole back.

Cloth Length - to suit you

Starting Position



Starting Position
Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes forward, and arms down. Lower your head over your chest until your neck muscles are completely relaxed. Then place the cloth across the back of your head, just above your ears. Lower your hands and relax your shoulders so your hands hang down. Take a deep breath in.



Exercise 2: Step 1


Step 1

As you breathe out, draw your abdominals in strongly, bend your knees, and press the bottom of your buttocks firmly forward so the length of your spine is completely rounded. Then press down gently on the cloth.
Step 2/3 Exercise 2
Step 2
Hold while you feel the stretch as it pulls through your spine and back. Then relax your pull on the cloth, leave your head dropped over, and breathe in as you straighten your legs and back.


Step 3
Repeat from Step 1 several times. When finished, remove the cloth from your head and straighten up slowly, bringing your head up last.


Step 2/3 Exercise 2


Step 4
To counteract the stretch, take a deep breath in as you raise your elbows to both sides, shoulder height. Then breathe out as you press your chest forward and your arms back, contracting your shoulderblades.




Step 2/3 Exercise 2Step 2/3 Exercise 2




Step 5
Lower your elbows to your sides and circle your shoulders loosely, front to back.






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