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The three sample exercises shown here are taken from Lilian Jarvis’ book,
The Stress Releaser Stretchloth®. The layout varies somewhat from the
print edition, but the information presented here remains the same.


Exercise 13: Abdominal Strengthening

Strengthening your abdominal muscles will help flatten your stomach and prevent excessive arching in your lower back. You can isolate and strengthen these muscles more effectively when you start from a sitting position.

Cloth Length - to suit you

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Starting Position
Sit on the floor with your knees half bent and feet a little wider than hip-width apart. Flex your ankles and put the middle of the cloth across the soles of your feet. Then slide your hands along the cloth as you bring your shoulders back over your hips. Hold the lengths loosely by your knees, leaving the ends free. Relax your back and take a deep breath in.



Step 1

As you breathe out, draw your abdominals in strongly, lowering your head, and pull upward on the cloth. In a continuous movement, tip back on your pelvis and lower the back of your waist toward the floor. Keep your back rounded, your shoulders “dropped,” and your elbows wide, so the front of your body is “hollowed.”


Step 2
Lift up on the cloth to bring yourself up, keeping your abdominals drawn in and your back rounded. Breathe in as you relax over your knees, bringing your arms down.

Step 3
Repeat from Step 1 as many times as your abdominals can stand!




Helpful Tips (Ex 3)

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