You have arrived at a very special time to be considering the Somatic Stretch® Teacher Training program!

Through generations of our lineage of Finns sweating it out in saunas, beating their circulatory systems into action with heated birch switches (!), and stretching deeply into their bodies out of an inherent need to work out the kinks, 2012 finds this work, which started in the late ’60s, ready to be offered on a global scale!

This program will absolutely change your body, your life, your health and your outlook.

 From our family to yours, we offer you the best in personal health empowerment.

Finely detailed exercises have been drawn, written descriptions fine-tooth combed and valuable teaching tools created. We are ready to launch and we are thrilled to share it with you!
At this exciting time in our family’s tradition of stretching into health and vitality, we are celebrating with an offer that we hope will excite you as much as it does us:

The first 10 people who sign up for the online training program receive fantastic 50% savings. It’s true!

– The regular investment for Level One and Level  Two is $1785 per level.
– Initial certification is $190 and subsequent certifications, if needed, are $100.

However ….
The first 10 people who sign up for this initial offering will pay only $892.50 per level!
In addition, we will reduce the certification fee as well, making it $95 for a total of $987.50 for each level,

For only $892.50 per level (certification cost to be paid at time of test), you will receive all videos and manuals outlined in the program for the level(s) you have chosen to work with.

It is not necessary to buy both Levels at once, however, this offer is extended to both levels and can only be purchased at this great price, ONCE, so consider taking advantage of great savings. Working at home and joining in on the complementary monthly Q&A calls will move you gently into the program and also keep you motivated as our community of students connect via teleconferencing.

To reserve your discount space, a $100 deposit is required for each Level. If you reserve only Level 1 at the discount rate, the full cost will apply to Level 2 when the discount is discontinued. Please send an email to the address below regarding availability and payment details.

Workshops will be offered once a year in North America and once a year in Austral/Asia. We will provide you with more information as student needs are evaluated. Workshop attendance is optional — although too amazing to miss! — and is an added expense to your training if you so choose to join us.

Why are we giving you our program of videos, manuals and other material at a huge discount? Simply because we’d like to receive valuable feedback from you with which to make our online program even more finely tuned as the world launches into a new era of natural health initiatives. So, in exchange for the discounted rate, we ask that you provide us with the pros and cons of the program as you find it working for yourself. You’ll be part of our creative team!

Because we know this program will bring you to new levels of rejuvenation, we offer all students, now and in the future, a full investment return if you complete both levels of the training program and are not convinced that they have been of benefit to you.

Thank you for considering to work with your body, mind and health in this way. The future of health care lies in our ability to heal ourselves…to explore these wonderful forms in the pursuit of health and healing, and to share our discoveries together and with those who pass through our classrooms.

Interested? send us an email at

For more detailed information, please see the Teacher Training Overview page.