Hello and Welcome to the Somatic Stretch International Training Program!

You will be up and running in no time. Please click on the button below to process your payment of $1275.00 Canadian Dollars.



As soon as we receive your payment you will receive:

1) Your hardcopy manuals and DVD’s sent to your home address.

2) You will soon receive an email that gives you immediate online access to the whole program that will include weekly recorded teleconferences. 

3) A weekly email and login information for you to access our conference calls. This keeps you connected with community and able to ask and hear questions to help you learn more. PLEASE remember, we are requesting that you make a commitment to these weekly calls to keep you motivated – even if you didn’t have a chance to stretch on a given week! If you are unable to make the scheduled times, the calls will be recorded and logged into your online Teacher Training dashboard.

Keep an eye out for these emails and contact us if you have any questions.

You can reach Meredith at 323-229-9573, or send her an email here. 

Speak with you soon!