Mar. 25, 2016

I thought i would take a moment and let you know how important your work has been to me over all these years of attending, and not attending classes. The body work that you have developed is so perfect for the body, so natural, so body strong positive, and so easy really… The knowledge you have of how the body works and can be strengthened and supported throughout its’ life is so thorough, and so finely tuned.  I find it inspirational. So, a big thanks to you for all that you have done and continue to do :))


Mar. 23, 2016

When I stretch my whole body, it naturally lets go and allows space to re-align. As I also strengthen my core and upper body muscles, I feel much better supported. So the over all result is feeling like I have more space in my body – the pressure is relieved on trouble spots – and I can walk easily and comfortably. Even if I just stretch my legs and feet in the morning, I am ready to walk without pain. That is invaluable to me.

The stretches really help me to relax and let go of tense mind sets as well as feel more grounded – they give me a way to rebalance myself. I feel lighter on my feet and stronger throughout my core and in my upper body too – which makes me feel calmer and more confident –  it’s a physical/emotional response and a more positive state of being.  And as I keep doing this over time, it’s easier to find those pathways of release to go back to – and I don’t even have to stretch for long before my body recognizes those pathways and begins to relax.


Mar. 8, 2016

The ways that I have benefitted are numerous but somewhat hard to put words to. After class, I feel very relaxed, and much less tense in my whole body but particularly in the shoulders, hips and back. I feel more in my body, I feel embodied. I am more aware of my body and feel optimistic that some of my seemingly endless and various symptoms of body pain can be reduced without having to use pain killers or other expensive and all too often ineffective treatments.

There is also a whole level of FEELING BETTER that is much more difficult to describe. Certainly an increased sense of well being, but also a sense of calmness, peacefulness, a feeling or renewal and readiness to pick myself up and keep going. It’s very hard to put into words. I like your imagery of the bubbling up of energy.

I so believe in you and everything you do! 


Jul 22’15

Hi Lillian, just wanted to let you know how much I love the video of somatic stretching. It compliments my mindfulness meditation so well and is also helping my scoliosis. It has the best stretches for the iliopsoas group.

Kyla Ball Toronto

Feb. 1 ’15

The stretches pinpoint specific areas so exactly, it is like getting to know parts of yourself with a precision that is incredible.

I keep thinking that each stretch is like a work of art – the movement coordinated with the breath, and the feeling when one finds the place that is “just right.”

“….the feeling of alignment is so delicious!  And the release of tension so wonderful. For me, it is always a surprise to discover where I am holding tension (so MUCH tension) – and then a relief that I can finally let it go (“ahhhhh”!).”

Last night I had my husband do the neck and arm stretches as he was having some pain and he loved them.  So intense, the arm stretches.  He went right to sleep after doing them.

I am thrilled to be learning the stretches …. I love how every move is so carefully constructed, like works of art – each stretch is elegant and precise and subtle. 

Linda Hsu Boston


The word that I needed to be was “Flexible.” I needed to be flexible to change my life in any direction it needed to go to be well 

The forward stretch has been amazing for  me in that I’ve always had this tightness across my low back, and even with yoga, Pilates, and swimming and whatever I needed to do I could never fully feel that unwinding that you speak of, and suddenly it started to happen. from .33:42 to 34.47

Nancy Waters


It’s kind of amazing the power of, as Lilian says in some of the videos, of just letting go, of allowing, not pushing. But it’s interesting. I have gotten to a place recently of extreme sensitivity, really gotten out of a lot of numbness that I feel I had been in actually, about the last year and a half, trauma work and stuff, and as I arrived back out of that portal, it’s almost harder now to be doing the stretches. Looking at them one by one and doing them with Lilian, I’m more sore as I isolate more deeply and drop more deeply, so in a way I have to be more gentle than I ever was.

Sarah Hawley


But I will say that with these last few weeks of doing Somatic Stretch, my body has opened up in ways that has never happened, and I’ve been doing yoga, Pilates, ballet, you know, modern, everything I could find, to help. And it helped but not to this extent. So I’m so grateful to be part of this program

Judith Abrahams -Ojai


I just find amazing value in the exercises in Level 2 now and I’m kind of overwhelmed at how powerful they are, and how right on what I need for my healing.

Judith Abrahams – Ojai Recording


These exercises are becoming a bit like meditation for me……I breathe and relax away from the pain and I feel so much more balanced when I finish. – public attendee

Zoe Pepler