Our online program is easy to work with anywhere in the world and you can take as much or as little time as you need to complete it.


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Program Overview

Home Study:

Online training portal

Online access, DVD’s, written manuals and other tools are offered for you to complete Level One and Level Two of the training program. You can become certified to teach after the Level One training.

Weekly teleconferencing:

Teleconferencing is one of the few requirements within the program. We request that you drop in on our group calls every 2 or 3 weeks to hear an hour of questions or to ask your own – especially if you didn’t have a chance to work with the program yourself that week! We have students participating from different parts of the world; your participation in the community helps everyone involved and will give you much inspiration as you progress through the program. One hour every few weeks, that’s the only commitment! Everything else is yours to pace.

Live workshops:


Retreat location in Hawaii

While attending workshops is not a requirement for completing the program, it would be a shame to miss them. Our first workshop will be held in July of 2017 in Rangeley, Maine, for trainees as well as those who would like to learn more and audit the course.These live events feature amazing food, deep practice, added teachings and, depending upon each location, events ranging from swimming with dolphins to participating in a sweatlodge or catching a great local event.


Rangeley, Maine Retreat July 2017

You can become a Certified Somatic Stretch® instructor by completing the requirements at the end of Level One. 

Level One and Two Details

Level 1 …
gives you access to deep states of relaxation where you learn to work with the stretch reflex effectively, elongating muscle fibres and increasing mobility to allow vital nutrients to flow freely to all of your cells, while you gain a powerful understanding of how the exercises rejuvenate your body and how to teach them to others.

Level 2 …
takes you deeper into the stretching exercises and begins strengthening the internal “core” muscles
that establish good posture and that support body weight against the constant pull of gravity. Strengthening these supporting muscles not only gives tone to your body, but also alleviates the aching and stiffness that happen when the more internal, skeletal muscles are neither stretched nor strengthened, but left to atrophy.

Program Description

There are 21 Exercises in Level One and 23 Exercises in Level Two, giving you a broad range of knowledge to bring to your classes.

Our Home Study Course is complete with:

  • 6 DVD’s and two one-hour class videos of all exercises for Level One and Level Two training
  • extensive written manuals with detailed graphics, teaching guidelines and class development sequences
  • optional live workshops
  • teleconferences to listen to and ask questions at as you connect with the international community
  • promotional materials to get you moving as soon as you are certified to teach.

You can:

  • work with this material at home at your own pace
  • come to workshops for added learning, community and fun
  • become certified in your own time

Somatic Stretch® requires an approach to working with your body that is different from most other bodywork methodologies. It is to be learned and taught from an experiential standpoint, rather than as a series of movements or positions. This process should not be hurried and will progress at exactly the speed YOU require to embody, integrate, transform and work with your own issues while you hone the skill of teaching others.


To teach Somatic Stretch® classes, certification by the Somatic Stretch® organization is required.

To become certified, you are required to:

1) Complete a short review of questions that will help you feel clear about the essential tenets of Somatic Stretch® and how these concepts can be expressed easily to students.

2) Teach a Level 1 class and submit it for evaluation. This can be done by attending a 5-day workshop and teaching a complete class during that time. Alternatively, you can record a video with students of your own in attendance and send it to us via snail mail or email. Or, if we are in your locale, or if you come to us, we will attend your class in person.

After feedback and evaluation, you may be certified to teach Level 1, or you may be asked to make changes to your class presentation and invited to resubmit another class for evaluation. The cost for evaluation to certify is $250 USD for a complete review of your class with notes from Lilian and/or Meredith. The cost for re-evaluation, if and when required, is $175 USD.

Re-evaluation is rare due to the direct contact and support you receive during your training. That being said, there are specifics required to certify, the primary one being that we certify teachers when they are teaching from the inside out – this means you have embodied the work, at which time it becomes easy for you to teach. This is not a program to ‘pump out teachers’, it is a program designed to re-design your body, and the ease of that, and the thrill, is what happens every time. So when you’re ready, you’ll know, and you’ll be really happy when it arrives – whether you plan to teach or not!

We will be implementing a membership program within the next year that will allow for ongoing use of the Somatic Stretch® name and logo. This will enable teachers to keep up to date with their skills while ensuring that the technique is being represented to the professional levels intended, and that the students of our teachers, and the teachers themselves, are kept safely supported by this work. While there will be a need for occasional ongoing training so teachers have access to new material and developments and while a membership fee will eventually be involved, all certified teachers at the time of this implementation will have the nominal cost of membership waived for the first year.

Program Cost

In keeping our program affordable, we have divided the Somatic Stretch training into two levels and the most affordable way to enroll is to purchase both the Level One and Level Two programs for a savings of $190.

Whether you plan to teach, are thinking about sharing this work with others or just want to improve your own health in a paced and supportive environment, this program guides you at the level and pace your body – and life commitments – require.

Each level is $1695 US dollars, however both levels can be bought together at $3200, offering you a $190 savings.

Upon acceptance to the program, your manuals and DVD’s will be mailed to your door and you will be immediately registered into the online membership portal, allowing you to study on the road, in the office, or at home. We offer telecalls for our trainees once a month so you can connect with us and ask questions, and also to connect with your student community – a global network of like minds meeting to share inspirations and life paths in healing. We also have a Facebook page for students to share insights and any personal workshops so that your active participation is supported and augmented by our international tribe. 

In order to ensure you are kept motivated along the path we also include a personal, hour long check in via skype or zoom for each student every six weeks. This is essential to helping you ground your own practice, cover things you may be experiencing as you ‘unwind’ and strengthen your body, and get amped up for the next month. There is a monthly $75 addition to the program cost to cover your group calls as well as your personal sessions, and this keeps you motivated to dive into your body slowly but surely, keeping you working with the technique in the best way suited to your needs. Therefore, the program takes as long or as short a time as you feel meets those needs, and helps us help you every step of the way until you’re satisfied with your results.

If this is the time for you to improve your own health and vitality, please fill out our application form to get started or contact us here for further information.