What’s the Difference Between Swayback and Swayback?

Many of my posts have dealt with posture and swayback, and as I’ve recently become aware that swayback is sometimes described as a posture that’s different from the way I refer to it, I want to clarify my meaning of it. The definition of swayback that I go by is a condition seen in horses with sagging […]

What A Horse’s Butt Taught Me About Posture

In my last blog, “Inner Body Fitness,” I wrote about images or pictures that spontaneously come into my head and that explain something to me. They’re like messages sent from some unknown and unasked source, and though I don’t understand at the time what they mean, I realize afterward they had a purpose in coming […]

Inner Body Fitness

Our bodies speak to us in many different ways, most often through a sensation of “feeling,” like hunger, or fatigue, or pain. My body often talks to me through images that I interpret as its way of explaining something to me. Sometimes it’s an answer to a question I didn’t even know I was asking, or it’s […]

The Secret To No Low Back Pain: It’s all in your posture

See larger graphic below If you’re one of the millions of individuals who suffer from low back pain — and if that doesn’t apply to you now there’s a high probability that one day it will — this article is for you. The simple truth is, whether in men or in women, swayback, in my […]

A New Look At The Pelvic Tilt: How to do it without bending your knees

Any book on back care that has been written in the past dozen or so years almost certainly includes the pelvic tilt in its list of ways to alleviate back pain. Though it’s scarcely a panacea, for the thousands of back pain sufferers it’s been a blessing indeed. So what more is there to say […]