Somatic Stretch Training Program



Create a daily practice, increase flexibility safely, and increase lifelong wellbeing of mind, heart and body. Below, Lilian Jarvis outlines our training program that reaches students around the globe.


There are few things of greater value than the achievement of a good feeling Body

You can increase your vitality, elevate your mood, relieve ailments, embody your creativity, and inspire others when you embark upon a Somatic journey.

Three generations bring you their best

Otto Jaarvinen lived it, his daughter, Lilian Jarvis, crafted it, and his granddaughter, Meredith Sands Keator, brings this art form to your door.

A powerful Online portal, One-on-one training calls, private retreats. Design the program that works for YOU.

In this busy world we need the flexibility to create the time to get flexible. This individualized program meets you where you want support, and let's you guide the pace while we keep you on track.

Somatic StretchĀ® Training

Teacher Certification, or simply for You

While all bodywork programs have in common the goal of improving the overall condition of the body, Somatic Stretch® uses the stretch reflex in a cooperative way to affect the body at a deeper level than you’ll find in other modalities.

This allows for  greater relaxation and increased flexibility of the muscles and joints. Beyond the beginning level, alignment and internal strengthening prepare the body for proper posture and weight support, removing strain and fatigue from compressed joints and tissues.

Our training program is for those who wish to work with their own health issues, or for those who wish to train to teach.

It provides you with all the tools you need to learn the Somatic Stretch® method, to develop a deeper connection between your internal tension and your ability to release it, and to structurally realign your posture to support greater health, movement and agility.

Whether you are embarking on this journey for your own health or to teach others, the Somatic Stretch® International Training Program shows you how to get your body into the best condition it’s possible for it to be.

You will become knowledgeable about your “somatic” body and aware of internal connections that open you to new levels of self-empowered healing. Sharing this knowledge with others gives you the opportunity to create ongoing income while helping all who follow your lead to have a more healthful and enjoyable life. 

You do not have to become an instructor to take this program or to benefit from it.

Somatic Stretch® is a self-healing series of exercises that helps your body work better and feel better.

Sometimes students start wanting to work on thier own health, and end up so fascinated by the results that they WANT to teach! Judith is one such example...

Who Is This For?

Somatic StretchĀ® will help you if:


* your body doesn’t feel as good as it used to
* you have aches and pains that aren’t going away
* you want to stay feeling young as you get older
* you sit at a desk all day
* your posture needs improving
* you fatigue easily
* you feel stiff and can’t move easily
* you’re over-stressed
* you do vigorous exercise, like karate or sports, but lack flexibility
* you do yoga and can’t do the postures well
* you do anything active from golf and hockey to running and walking but don’t take time to stretch
* you’re a massage or other bodywork therapist and need a way to care for your own body
* you have patients who need a healing type of exercise
* you need guidance in how to exercise

What you will learn

* How to increase flexibility surprisingly easily and safely through a better understanding of the 'stretch reflex' found in all muscular responses.

* Find areas of ouch that are actually better released through OTHER parts of your body, and the why's and how's of this in order to heal old injuries, prevent new ones and create the most valuable connection to your own innate, healing capacities. 

* Discover, through your freedom of movement and the alleviation of your aches and pains, the map the body uses to co-ordinate the most ease for you, and how to communicate with it to help yourself in acute and chronic issues.

* How to find your 'support muscles', strengthen them, and find a stronger postural connection to keep your body open, grounded and graceful. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Because we keep this program very individualized and offer the kind of one-on-one attention we know makes a big difference, we only accept a few students every few months. Email us if you'd like to be notified when we have availability in our next group. 

The length of time can vary from a few months to a few years. What changes do you want to make? Where do you want to be in your body and how much time are you willing to let yourself be taken by the tide?

We create this program with you to address your body, your needs and your schedule. 

To apply you need only to purchase Level One and the first six one-on-one calls with your coach. Beyond that, you can choose to come to retreats, advance to level two, or continue calls that work with your schedule to keep your pace going.

Whether you are taking this course for your own personal health improvement, or to teach Somatic Stretch®, a student will know when they are complete and able to take the practice into their lives with ease. Teachers can certify in as little time as a few months, and others can take a year or more.

It all depends upon the state of your health, your goals, and the willingness to dive in and really start making a difference to some of those things you thought you’d have to ‘just live with’ for the rest of your life.

The joy of feeling so much better in your daily life begins to take precedence over other things in the day, and ‘making time’ becomes much less difficult as your body begins to crave the sense of freedom you are creating yourself.

The Somatic path is an ancient journey. Take as long as you like.

With this kind of one-on-one, individualized coaching, you'd expect to pay the usual few thousand or more a month, if you chose ongoing support. 

We are a family lineage that have dedicated three generations to crafting this method ~ and message~ to share with others. We care about health and we care about raising the vibration of vitality and the creative thinking that goes along with it. 

So with that in mind, we have made a tiered program that is priced very affordably to ensure it is as accessible as possible. 

For more information click here. 

We maintain a 'boutique' style of individually prescribed programs based upon our foundational format, and keep enrollments at a pace to ensure that high quality.


On good posture, her history of dance, and how Somatic Stretch came to be...


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