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If you’re at the stage of life when your body doesn’t move as well as you’d like, or it doesn’t feel as good as it used to and you’d like nothing better than to be able to do all the things you’re used to doing, find out how you can turn back the clock, or stop it from ticking, so you can enjoy life to the fullest and keep doing all that you want, need and like to do.
Meet Lilian Jarvis, 85 years young in 2016, who has done just that. Lilian is a former principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada (1951-63). After her years with the company, where her technical abilities were limited by a swayback and tight hip joints, she restructured her body, eliminating the swayback and releasing the tightness in her hip joints, in the process acquiring a freedom of movement that transformed her life.

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After a 12-year absence from the stage and at the unlikely age of 45, she was called back to dance the role of Juliet in the company’s 1976 25th anniversary performance of Romeo and Juliet at Toronto’s landmark Sony Centre theatre, receiving a standing ovation from the full house audience.

The success of this performance and the “new” body she had acquired convinced her that she had found a path to lasting physical mobility and enjoyment.  Wanting to share this vital process with others, she established a studio in 1980 and began teaching her own method of self-improvement exercises. First known as BioSomatics, her methodology was established in 2002 as Somatic Stretch: The Jarvis Technique. It is now also known as Inner Body Fitness, which sums up the somatic, internally focused approach of tension release, flexibility, postural alignment and internal strengthening, which she saw as being the foundations for overall bodily wellbeing.

Lilian’s daughter, Meredith Sands Keator, who “grew up” with the technique, became Co-Director of the Somatic Stretch organization in 2003. In 2013, she joined her mother in  launching an online training program that to date has enlisted over fifteen trainees from Canada, the US, England and Australia, with new additions being added as the outreach grows.

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Lilian Jarvis as principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada

What Somatic Stretch® can do for you

Get your Body back!

It’s never too late and never too early to have the Body you want!

Revitalize your Health

Reduce your aches and pain and increase inner vitality

Reduce Anxiety

Release tension physically and mentally, take it all in stride and make everything easier

Increase Mobility

Let your body move like a well trained dancer

Age Gracefully

Start young to create your future self or use your older years to feel younger!

Improve your Posture

The icing on the cake, or a goal in itself. Good posture tells the world how good you feel!

You should also know…We have an International Training Program

This Mother and Daughter Team has Got Your Back

The mission of this mother/daughter team is to help anyone who has the desire for an ongoing, young-feeling body find “new life” by becoming consciously aware of living and working from within. In this way, while obeying the anatomical principles of correct postural alignment and body mechanics, each person can apply the Somatic Stretch exercises in a way that is suitable to his or her own innate structure and bodily needs. Through a commitment to these principles, the end result of a dedicated “working into oneself” manifests as pleasure in movement and living in a comfortable, mobile body that exudes health and vitality.

The online training program developed by Lilian and her daughter, Meredith Sands Keator, is ideally suited for individuals who wish to dive into their own inner healing, or who, in experiencing the benefits in their own body, feel inspired to teach it to others. Besides offering easy online access. the program provides manuals and DVDs mailed to your door. Worldwide support is given to students with teleconferences and periodic live workshops, with email or phone access “anytime you need us.”

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