Somatic Stretch® Home And Office Workbook AND Video

This PDF and video program is a ten-page series of nineteen exercises that can be downloaded directly to your desktop or printed out. Here you will find several pages from the booklet, which includes a section on the Principles of Stretching so you know how to approach this gentle and revitalizing work. The final page gives you a graphic layout of the whole set so that, once you know the exercises, you can pick out at a glance which ones you want to do.

The video is a class taught live by Meredith Sands Keator in Ojai, CA, and it is a great accompaniment to the PDF by giving you ways to work not only with the PDF, but with your own guidance.

Somatic Stretch® Home And Office Workbook and Video

Great exercises to do at your desk, or for those who are not comfortable getting on the floor. Detailed graphics that explain each step, a helpful graphic overview to use once you are familiar with the stretches, and an additional video to guide you even more into working with yourself, for yourself!

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