StressReleaser® Book and online video stream

For those wanting the book sent through the mail and the video on instant streaming.

Please note that shipping costs have increased and are now $10-$15 USD. You will be billed separately via email. Thank you for your understanding, and your interest in our work!

What is the StressReleaser Stretchcloth?

The Stress Releaser book and video exercises enhance the effects of Somatic Stretch® exercises through the use of the Stretchcloth, a unique exercise aid devised by the author consisting of a lengthy band of slightly stretchy material.

The twenty-seven exercises, in both the book and the video, deepen stretches and ease you through areas of joint restriction, releasing tension and increasing your flexibility. They also help to isolate and strengthen muscles in the abdomen, back, and rib cage for proper weight support, removing strain and promoting a healthy back.

By varying the length of the cloth and using more, or less, pressure, the exercises can be done as gently or intensely as desired. Suitable for adult ages.

“I’ve had your book and stretch cloth for over ten years and it remains my default exercise program. I love it. Thank you so much.” Jacqueline Barnett Oct. 23 '13


StressReleaser® Book and video stream (shipping cost extra)

To receive your StressReleaser book and stretchcloth mailed to your door, with access to the book's video to download to your computer, purchase your copy here.

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